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Meet Nigerian Music Producer, Ajimovoix – See His Biography, Early Life And Net Worth In 2021


Oguntade adewale damola professional known as AJimovoix drums was born in Oluwakemi street Aga a very popular street and arena in Ikorodu local government area Lagos state , Nigeria.
The music star was born in into a Christian (CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM)and music family with 7 others brothers and sisters,
Ajimovoix drums at his early age begins school quickly at age 2 of which he attended NOBLE STAR COLLEGE AND SCHOOLS formerly called SAINT PATRICKs NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL IKORODU , but due to his stubbornness his parents had to correct his lifestyle and create a better future for their son, They changed his school to one of the best schools in Nigeria’s history which is the almighty MAYFLOWER SCHOOLS IKENNE where he finished his primary schooling , then he moved back to Ikorodu where he started his secondary education where he attended a government grammar school YEWA GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Ajimovoix is a lover of God that he was the prayer warrior in the school fellowship and a class captain as well, after he finished his secondary schooling, Ajimovoix parents sent him to Ghana for a year to live with one of their close relatives there just to have more experience about life, just when he decided to go back home he was met with a surprise of his parent relocating to their very own built house,after one year he came back to continue his education, but instead of continuing with the university AJimovoix chooses studying the Bible instead then he attended
LIFE Theological Seminary Ikorodu Lagos .

Who Is Ajimovoix?

Ajimovoix is a 29-year-old music producer, singer and songwriter with expertise knowledge of playing different musical instruments.

His knowledge of many musical instruments set him apart from other music producers in Nigeria’s music industry.

He was born & raised in Ikorodu, Lagos. He hails from Ogun state, in Odogbolu local government.

Ajimovoix gained widespread attention after releasing ‘Focus Dance Beat’ in 2020 and it went viral in 2021 after Hagman & Abati, two instagram sensations danced to it.

Focus dance beat was made on the 24th June 2019,

Family Background

Ajimovoix is from a family of 8 children and he happens to be the first male in the family. He grew up with his family in Ikorodu.

Growing up in the hood of Ikorodu made it very seamless and easy for Ajimovoix to make sounds that the street can easily relate to.

His mum used to be a lead singer in the church and because of his mother’s interest in music, she has always encouraged him to participate actively in the musical department of the church.

How He Started Music Production?

As one of the instrumentalists in the church, the first musical instrument that Ajimovoix got in contact with was the Percussion before he added GanGan (Talking Drums), Keyboard, guitar, and a host of others.

After getting acquainted with music and musical instruments in church, Ajimovoix started visiting the studio as a recording artiste to make music.

As an instrumentalist and recording artiste, Ajimovoix got into music production properly because of how challenging it was for music producers to give him the kind of beats he craved for his songs.

Ajimovoix began music production in the year 2015, his existing knowledge of playing musical instruments helped him learn faster and become better.

Ajimovoix Music Career

Ajimovoix has been working as a recording artiste and music producer for over 8years in Nigeria’s music industry.

In 2021, Ajimovoix created “Focus Dance Beat” the most blown beat in Nigeria’s music industry. The beat which was released as free beat in 2020 went viral across the shores of Nigeria with a dance pattern of rhythmically moving the neck and pointing the two hands forward simultaneously.

Ajimoix was also the creator of viral “Play Play Beat“, “Opor Dance Beat“, “Nonsense Dance Beat“, ”Sorosoke‘, “Lagos Street Vibes” and many more.

Ajimovoix has also worked with so many musical artistes in the industry. He has worked with, Naira Marley, Small Doctor, Cblvck, Abramsoul and a host of others.

In 2020, Ajimovoix produced one of the hit songs off Marlian music, he worked with Cblvck to produce “Baby Kingsway” featuring Naira Marley. He also produced “Abi” by Lacrown featuring Small Doctor.

Some other productions by Ajimovoix include; “Mutajero” by Abrahamsoul, “Jeomo” by Bravo G featuring DJ Jimmy Jatt, “Lagos Beat” by Terry Pro, “Omo Aunty Mi” by Cblvck and many more.

Ajimovoix is a young hardworking music producer whose life revolves mainly around music. Going by his social media activities, it can be deduced that wherever music exist is where you will find Ajimovoix.

He is also an ambassador for the street.

Who Ajimovoix Dating?

At the moment, Ajimovix is currently single and not in serious relationship with anyone.

Ajimovoix Social Media

The Ikorodu born music producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist is very active on social media as he engages with his fans on a daily basis.

He can be found on Instagram via @ajimovoix_drums. He tweets on Twitter via @ajimovoix_drums you can also reach him on facebook @ajimovoix_drums

Ajimovoix Net Worth 2021

Officially, the net worth of Ajimovoix has not been verified but judging by the performance of his discography especially his Focus Beat that went viral, Ajimovoix networth can be estimated to be about $15,000

To learn more about Ajimovoix Drums, CLICK HERE

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