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8 Reasons Why Dating Your Course Mate is Good

There has always been arguments that dating one’s course mate is a bad decision and not healthy for student academic journey especially for fresh students, but the truth is, relationship generally is a distraction, and it all depends on how you and your partner handles the affair.

Love is a beautiful thing and inevitable and at some point in our life, we end up loving someone, so what if that someone is your course mate? Is it a bad thing? No it’s not, you have just made the right decision and this is what this article is all about.


While some people say dating your course mate is not the best, well whatever have advantages also have disadvantages however this post CITYBIZPLUS will discuss Eight (8) Reason why dating your course mate is good.

Dating your course mate gives you chance of building intimacy in the relationship as you and your partner will often see one another, do things together and get into each other world and this will have a positive impact on the relationship.


Effective communication is one of the tips that makes relationship stronger and also strengthen the feelings between you and your partner and guess what? Dating your course mate gives you chance for effective communication, thus making the love and feelings stronger.


Dating your course mate is good as you have unlimited time to spend with each other and have fun since both of you are in the Same department.


Dating Your course mate is one of the best option as You won’t have to spend unnecessarily on calling and doing video chat all the time unlike when you have boyfriend and girlfriend in another school where you spend most of your money on airtime and data to communicate and this may affect your financial status, traveling from one place to another which is even risky. Dating your course mate is another way to cut cost, as this might save you from unnecessary spending.


You and your partner would be able to assist each other financially, spiritually, physically and academically. You can read together and teach each other on some difficult courses since you both are in the same department.

You and your partner can also attend the same fellowships and worship together in same mosque, attend the same tutorial centers to boost your academic performance.


Dating your course mate might make it difficult for your partner to cheat on you, as most people would have already known that S/he is yours. Although A man/Woman that wants to cheat will still cheat, but dating your course mate can also prevent him/her from cheating on You.


Generally love is a distraction to academics but dating your course mate can reduce that a bit since you are in the same department, you won’t have to worry about giving your partner special attention or scheduling extra time for a lover somewhere after a hectic day. Dating your course mate is very good, this may also help you to remain focus.

More so, you might want to impress your partner academically and this may compel you to take your study more serious as you wouldn’t want your partner to see you as a failure, thus dating your course mate is good.


Understanding is a factor in every relationship, a benefit which you enjoy when you date your course mate because you would always get a chance to fix the loopholes in the relationship. For instance, when there is misunderstanding between you and your partner, you can take advantage of being in the same department to get his/her attention and fix the issue In the relationship.

A student who is into distance relationship might find it difficult to get this benefit due to distance, therefore dating your course mate is never a mistake.

In addition, people do say dating course mate is like adding another course but nevertheless I believe we have academic and non-academic activities on campus in which both are important to student, so if you tell me dating your course mate is like taking another course then joining association, clubs and being part of executives in fellowships, union are also like adding another course as well thus there is nothing wrong in dating and building a relationship with your course mate.

Have you ever wondered if any of your course mates is interested in you? What are the signs he or she wants or doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

This are some of the things to consider too. Love can come from anywhere, but let it be genuine.

I have seen students getting married after school to their course mates. Do not be discouraged. The most important thing is your seriousness.

There are also disadvantages of dating your course mate, however this article is based on the benefits.

In conclusion, dating your course mate is good you can give it a trial because school love does not end at school gate.

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