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[Mp3] Ebenezer Adeusi – Rara (Gospel Song)



Rara is a gospel song that is inspiring clearly thought out dexterously arranged. It’s from the stable of Gosplemoves Int’l and produced by K-STRUM.
The song is with the inspiration to gear up the hope of individual that despite hard times or challenges there would be light at the end of the tunnel. The singer a talented physically challenge gospel artiste whose through the healing of his mind and the restoration of his hope always encourage other people to stick to God in hope.
It’s believed that the song will bless life and spur people to keep hope alive. The song is delivered with sonorous voice. Enjoy!
Ebenezer Adeusi is a talented physically challenged gosple artiste with distinction in his voice which sounds like that of lady. He is also media personnel. He has composed many songs by the help of Holly spirit but has just released three this #Rara is the fourth release. He’s on various social media platforms:
Facebook: @Adeusi Ebenezer
Twitter: @adeusi_ebenezer
Instagram: @ebenezeradeusi
YouTube: Ebenezer Adeusi
1. Ki lo n se o to fi n sokun
Tibanuje bo okan re
Iranwore yen ti n kokun
Silekun fun nu oju re
Chorus: Rara ma so po o le dide/2
Maso o maso o maso o
2. Ise la ri ko de sowo
Lomu o ro po le dide
Eyin ti o yo si ma fo eegun
Ohun ti o to nbo wa sekun
Chorus repeat
3. Eegun n le o jo ma roju
Bo ti n re o lo n re eegun
Igbiyanju re lo n bere
Lai rewesi wa side
Chorus repeat
Call: Mo ni o maso/3
All: Rara/3 po o le dide
Ire a de o, maso maso
Moni o maso o
All: Rara po le dide etc

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