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Breaking News:Road to Successful Entertainment Request for Refund from lilsmart due to Failure to Perform the Task he was paid for

Road to success Entertainment as finally request for refund from Marlians upcoming dancer lilsmart after paying him a huge amount of money just to show up for their show details 👇👇

Over a month since the refusal of lilsmart appearance for our Feb 14 event,which he as fully paid for, we have tried all legal and official means to reach out lilsmart’s manager,for our refund and payment for damages and losses incurred due to lilsmart refusal to show up without prior notification but all to no avail,it’s due to this reason we decide to take this step.we still hope to settle this amicably to avoid damaged relationship as there is possibility for futher businesses with you in future

After making all the payment he still request for extra 30000# to complete is flight payment and after the payment Successful he post a picture on is Instagram story for us to know that he will surely show up in which he didn’t show up


This is the initial video he made to confirm is appearance to our April 2020 show which was cancelled due to covid 19 lockdown,after which he requested for additional sum if he was to appear on February 14 2020 for our Valentine’s event, additional fee was paid to him,and he decided not to show up without giving prior notification to is unavailability we therefore request for our refund and payment for damages and losses incurred due to his no show

Few minutes after the request of refund we found out a threatening coming on our Instagram page telling us we made a big mistake for making refund and he add to it that we should expect is fight back also

In conclusion we here by urge lilsmart,marlians music and is manager to look for a way forward to refund us with 2 weeks because there might still be a way forward to work with them if they respond to our refund quickly

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