How To Get Unlimited Internet Access with Vodafone Digi-plan Vodafone Learn Plan

Vodafone Digi Learn
is the following Vodafone trick. This trick gives you 20 gigabytes only for 10 Ghana Cedis

Vodafone 20Gb is an E-learning information data plan to get to just instructive sites, With the Vodafone Digi-Learn, you get limitless admittance to eLearning destinations likewise with the Vodafone 20Gb information plan you can get to your instructive stages and Complete eLearning research/courses. You could envision what eLearning is?. E-learning is a learning approach that depends on formalized guidance yet utilizes electronic assets. While schooling can occur in or out of the homeroom, E-learning depends vigorously on PCs and the Web. E-learning is an organization empowered expertise and information move in which training is conveyed to countless individuals simultaneously or at various times of meeting. Beforehand, it was not broadly perceived on the grounds that it was viewed as that this technique missing the mark on human component important for learning. I want to believe that you comprehend what E-learning is about.

In the event that you are an understudy in Ghana this is an extraordinary chance to appreciate eLearning stages with Vodafone Digi plan. Vodafone Digi-Learn is an information plan that gives clients admittance to different instructive stages and sites. You can basically get important data and furthermore do explore on eLearning stages. Vodafone Digi-learn membership costs 10 GHS each month and gives clients admittance to assortments of instructive E-learning sites.

Since the Vodafone Digi-plan is just implied for eLearning locales and can’t be utilized to get to any remaining stages on the web, with a demonstrated stunt Completed You will actually want to get to all sites and other internet based stages on the web, you can likewise have the option to utilize your number one web-based versatile applications with Vodafone Digi-plan, on the off chance that You are interested to figure out how Perused the entire aide cautiously and execute the step and methodology in other to obtain an improved consequence of getting to all site with Vodafone Digi-plan. When You buy in Vodafone Digi-plan and you likely become weary of getting to just eLearning webpage, to burrow the Vodafone Digi-plan to get to all web site and furthermore power your portable application You would require a VPN to Play out the Wizardry, Utilizing a VPN really implies redirecting the association just dole out to eLearning webpage to control up all web access and furthermore give full web association with all Versatile application. without a VPN association you will not have the option to get to all site, You can get to eLearning site relegated by Vodafone. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to buy in Vodafone 20Gb Digi plan Just dial *700# or *5959# and circle back to the on screen brief to buy in Vodafone Digi-Learn, to check information pack *124# or *126# . After you successfully purchase it, check below for the guideline to tunnel it with VPN to browse all website and social media


 Vodafone Sim with 4G/3G Access

 Android Phone with 3g/4g

 VPN Application (Http Custom)



 STEP 1: Download HTTP CUSTOM VPN from Playstore

STEP 2: Run the application

STEP 3: Click on the + sign

STEP 4: Click on Open

STEP 5: Open the folder you download the file and Select the File

STEP 6: Click on Connect



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