Best Web Hosting Services In 2023: Top Hosting Providers

You need the best web hosting service if you want to start your own blog, start a side business, or develop an online portfolio. Your website is housed on one or more servers in data centers that provide web hosting services.

It can be confusing to compare website hosting services, which can make it more challenging to select the best hosting option for you. To make your life a little bit easier, we reviewed the information for 22 web hosting services.

You can read more about our standards for the top web hosting companies, including how we rate security and customer service, and you can look over key terms related to web hosting.

Note: It can be challenging to understand how much web hosting costs. The listed prices are typically introductory rates tied to contracts with terms of a year or more, which automatically renew at the regular (higher) rate at the end of the contract. When selecting a long-term hosting company, be sure to take regular rates into consideration. You can also review our suggestions for how pricing information should be presented by web hosting companies.

Web hosts compared

Best for… Monthly shared plan pricing Security features Uptime guarantee Customer support
Ionos Security features $1 Great 99.99% Great
GreenGeeks Clean-energy web hosting $3 Good 99.90% Good
A2 Hosting Customer service $3 Great 99.90% Great
InMotion Hosting First-time website owners $2.29 Great 99.99% Great
HostGator Data-heavy sites $2.75 Good 99.90% Great
AccuWeb Hosting Global customers $4 Good 99.99% Good

Best web hosting services

  • Ionos: Excellent security components
  • GreenGeeks: Eco-friendly web hosting
  • A2 Hosting focuses on customer service
  • InMotion Hosting: Good for first-time website owners 
  • HostGator: good for sites with lots of data
  • Worldwide data centers for AccuWeb Hosting
Ionos Excellent security attributes


a lot of security features, including backups
There is no need to scale up plans to handle more traffic because there is unlimited traffic.
Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%

website builder is more expensive
Over time, plan prices rise, sometimes by significant margins.
Ionos has the lowest starting price point of any service on this list; however, the cost skyrockets once the plan is renewed. International customers will find Ionos to be a good option because it offers customer support numbers for 14 different nations.

hosting schedule
Ionos provides managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting as well as shared, VPS, and dedicated plans. In order to better assist customers in determining which hosting plan is best for them, the company also distinguishes between hosting plans designed for smaller and larger organizations.

security components
Ionos provides security features above and beyond those of other web hosting companies. Malware scans, DDoS protections, and SSL certificates are all included in all plans. Some plans also assist in fixing any harm that malware may have done to your website. Each plan also includes a standard backup schedule of at least once every 24 hours, with a 20-day retention period for all backups. Customers will always have access to their data even if one data center is taken down by a cyberattack thanks to the security measure of storing a complete set of a customer’s data in two different data centers.

Ionos offers a higher uptime guarantee—99.99%—than the majority of other web hosting services. Your website and services will continue to function even if Ionos’ data center loses power thanks to battery-operated power supplies and backup generators.

Support for customers is always available via phone or chat. Additionally, a directory lists contact information for customers in 14 different nations. Additionally, Ionos provides a personal consultant who will serve as your main point of contact if you require assistance with your website. Ionos customers have more options for getting assistance than those of some other hosting providers thanks to a personal consultant and phone numbers for various support centers around the world.

Other attributes
Ionos provides a status page to inform users when services are unavailable or undergoing maintenance. The page also notifies users of any scheduled maintenance and logs the times when services are interrupted and restored.

Ionos has lower starting prices for comparable services than the majority of other web hosts. However, after a certain period of time, prices increase by 800% for shared and WordPress hosting. That means Ionos is a good starting point for web hosting, but if cost is your top priority, it might not be the best long-term home for your website.

The monthly cost for shared hosting is $1.
VPS hosting costs $2 per month at first.
Hosting for dedicated servers begins at $45 per month.
Hosting for WordPress starts at $1 per month.
GreenGeeks Environmentally responsible
web hosting

provides a wide range of plans to suit all needs
features a website builder to aid in the creation of your site.
produces three times as much energy from wind as it consumes.

There is no active phone support. 24/7
Some plans’ costs are higher than average.
We believe that GreenGeeks’ pledge to offset its energy requirements makes this service a clear pick for clients who care about the environment. Additionally, some plans provide limitless bandwidth and storage. Prices are a little high in comparison to other plans, though.

hosting schedule
Shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting packages are available from GreenGeeks. As your site’s needs increase, you can scale up with each plan’s tier-based options. The management of some plans comes at a higher price. Each plan also comes with a website builder so you won’t have to start from scratch when creating your website.

security components
To help safeguard your site, each plan comes with a plethora of security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protections, daily backups, malware cleanups, and more.

GreenGeeks offers a 99.9% uptime, similar to the majority of web hosts.

Customer service
While other services may check every 30 seconds, minute, or longer, GreenGeeks claims to check its servers every 10 seconds for any issues. This implies that if your website experiences any problems, GreenGeeks may already be working to fix them before you get in touch with them. GreenGeeks offers phone support from 9 a.m. to midnight ET, but 24/7 chat support is available for more immediate assistance.

Other attributes
In addition to planting a tree for every hosting account, GreenGeeks uses renewable energy sources to produce three times as much energy as it consumes. According to the International Energy Agency, data centers are responsible for 0.3% of the world’s carbon emissions, so GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that cares about the environment.

The cost of GreenGeeks is comparable to other web hosting services. However, the majority of GreenGeeks’ lowest prices demand a three-year contract that is fully paid for up front. Other contracts are offered at a higher monthly cost but require full payment up front as well.

The monthly cost for shared hosting is $3.
VPS hosting costs $40 per month at first.
Hosting for dedicated servers begins at $169 per month.
Hosting for WordPress starts at $3 per month.
Hosting for resellers begins at $20 per month.
A2 Hosting’s emphasis on customer service

24/7 “Guru Crew” client assistance via chat, email, or phone
when switching from another service, free site migration
The location’s servers are physically secure.

Three-year contracts are needed for the lowest prices.
Certain plans don’t provide enough to warrant their higher prices.
Our view
Excellent customer service options and a wide variety of multi-tiered hosting plans are both provided by A2 Hosting. Plans come with a ton of features included for free. The most significant drawback is that the least expensive plans demand a three-year contract.

hosting schedule
A2 Hosting offers tier-based options within each plan for shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller, and cloud hosting. For instance, shared hosting provides packages referred to as Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. With these extra plans, customers have more options to choose from that better suit their needs and enable them to scale their business as necessary.

security components
Security features like an SSL certificate, dual firewalls, a virus scanner, and brute force defense are included with each plan. Each plan includes DDoS protections that can identify DDoS attacks as soon as they take place to help keep your site secure. The Patchman enhanced security tool, which typically costs about $25 per month, is also included. A2 Hosting also takes pride in the fact that accessing its servers requires two different key cards, one for the parking lot and one for the server room.

A2 Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate. The industry standard for uptime is 99.9%, which indicates that your website shouldn’t be down for more than nine hours a year.

Customer service
A2 Hosting stands out for its dedication to customer service. The “Guru Crew” at A2 is accessible 24/7 via phone, email, or chat. A2 Hosting also has a sizable Knowledge Base chock full of information to help you build and expand your site if you prefer to solve a problem on your own.

Other attributes
A2 Hosting offers free site migration if you want to change web hosting companies. This is a generous offer considering the average cost of a site migration in 2021 was between $300 and $400.

A2 Hosting’s pricing appears to be average at first glance, but the lowest prices also require a three-year commitment, meaning that in order to receive the lowest price, you must use this service for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, some of the service’s tiered plan options may not provide enough to warrant the price increase. For instance, the monthly costs for the shared hosting plans Turbo Boost and Turbo Max are $7 and $13, respectively. The plans seem to differ in two ways: The Max has 4GB of physical memory, while Boost only has 2GB. Additionally, Max uses nonvolatile memory express drives, which are quicker than solid-state drives, to provide “5X More Resources.” Although nonvolatile memory express drives don’t appear to be significantly faster than SSDs when compared to paper, every millisecond counts when trying to sell something in real time online.

The monthly cost for shared hosting is $3.
Hosting for unmanaged VPS accounts begins at $5 per month.
The first month of managed VPS hosting costs $40.
Hosting for unmanaged dedicated servers begins at $106 per month.
Hosting for managed dedicated servers begins at $156 per month.
The first month of WordPress hosting costs $12.
Hosting for resellers begins at $19 per month.
Inmotion Hosting
Suitable for new website owners 

a 90-day money-back promise
many options for customer service
Con: free website builder

only US servers
Monthly payment schedules not offered for all plans.
Our view
Even if you aren’t completely satisfied with InMotion Hosting’s service after a month or two, you can still get some money back because it has one of the longest money-back guarantee periods. However, InMotion Hosting is not the best option for anyone with a global audience because it only offers US-based servers.

hosting schedule
With various tier-based options for each type of hosting, InMotion Hosting offers reseller, shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. Hourly managed hosting services are also available from InMotion Hosting. For one, two, or three hours, these services can be purchased for $40 to $100 per month, or outside of a plan for $75 per hour.

security components
Each plan includes free DDoS protection, hack and malware protection, and SSL certificates. For some plans, daily automatic backups are additionally available.

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, InMotion Hosting surpasses the industry average for uptime. Customers shouldn’t anticipate more than an hour of downtime annually, as opposed to nine hours for businesses with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Customer service
Compared to many other services, InMotion Hosting’s customer support provides more ways for customers to get in touch with them. Customers have access to customer service representatives via phone, chat, email, and Skype at all times. They can also submit support tickets. Customers of InMotion Hosting also have access to a database of how-to posts and a community forum where they can search for answers to questions they can’t find elsewhere.

Other attributes
The typical money-back guarantee for web hosting services is 30 days, but all InMotion Hosting plans offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Because of this, InMotion is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to try out a website for the first time but is unsure of their readiness for a longer commitment.

The listed price is only valid prior to the renewal fee, just like with other web hosting services. When comparing costs, these can be perplexing because some plans seem to be the same price even though another offers more benefits. It would seem obvious to choose the shared hosting Power plan if, for instance, the shared hosting Launch plan costs $5 per month with a three-year contract while the shared hosting Power plan costs the same for the same contract length but has more features. The Launch plan renews at $12 per month after the contract expires, while the Power plan renews at $16 per month, costing subscribers more money for the Power plan.

The monthly minimum for shared hosting is $2.29.
VPS hosting costs $20 per month at first.
The monthly price for dedicated hosting under the “Bare Metal” tab is $70.
The first month of WordPress hosting costs $3.49.
Hosting for resellers begins at $17 per month.
The monthly minimum for managed hosting services is $40.
HostGator Effective for Sites with Lots of Data

Unmetered disk space and bandwidth
Free domain and website transfers
guarantee of 45 days to cancel

Data restoration from backups is more expensive Added costs add up
Our view
HostGator offers a database of walkthroughs and tutorials that make it simple to launch and manage a website. If you already have a website, you can move it for free to HostGator. But when it comes to backups, make sure you read the fine print because it raised some concerns for us.

hosting schedule
Tiered shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting plans are available from HostGator. Every plan includes unlimited bandwidth and disk space, allowing you to upload as much data as you’d like to your website. As a result, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who frequently uses videos, images, or animated page elements.

security components
Free SSL certificates, DDoS defenses, and automated backups are all provided by HostGator. After the backups are taken, HostGator scans the files to check for malicious code and quarantines any that are discovered. HostGator advises anyone with “critical business information or important data to seek a third-party backup service,” though (emphasis theirs). It’s odd to choose to undermine your own backup system.

Industry-standard 99.9% uptime is guaranteed by HostGator. Customers of shared and reseller hosting are eligible for a one-month refund if their uptime falls short of that guarantee. Customers of VPS and dedicated hosting, however, won’t be eligible for a refund if their uptime expectations aren’t met. Instead, a prorated credit is given to those customers based on the length of the server’s outage.

Customer service
HostGator customer service representatives are available by phone, chat, or email around-the-clock. Customers can also find articles, guides, and video tutorials in a database. Not all services provide video tutorials, which could be useful when speaking with customer support over the phone or online doesn’t seem to be making things any better.

Other attributes
A 45-day money-back guarantee from HostGator is more generous than the majority of other web hosting services. The available guides and tutorials also make it simple for brand-new site administrators to get going.

In addition to renewal costs skyrocketing after a plan’s contract expires, add-ons can also substantially raise costs. For instance, restoring backups entails an extra $25 fee. Therefore, even though HostGator does provide automated backups, accessing those backups still requires a fee, giving the impression that backups are actually an additional expense. This is untypical in a big way.

Monthly rates for shared hosting begin at $2.75.
VPS hosting costs $24 per month at first.
The first month of dedicated hosting costs $90.
The first month of WordPress hosting costs $6.
Hosting for resellers begins at $20 per month.
Global storage centers for AccuWeb Hosting

planetary data centers
There is 100% hardware uptime with cloud hosting.
Free site migration Drawbacks

There are few plans that offer limitless data.
Not always available via phone is customer support
My opinion
To better service clients from other countries, AccuWeb Hosting offers data centers all around the world. It provides Windows and Linux servers for web hosting requirements, but phone assistance is only available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, which is not ideal if you are in a different time zone.

planning to host
AccuWeb Hosting provides a range of cloud hosting choices, including shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller, and others. Plans for shared cloud hosting and cloud VPS are also available. Additionally, customers can pick which of AccuWeb Hosting’s international data centers will house their data. This implies that if you expect the majority of your traffic to come from outside the US, you can choose to have your data in a separate data center so that visitors from other countries can access your website more quickly.

Aspects of security
With every plan, AccuWeb Hosting provides free SSL certificates, antivirus software, and daily backups, which are an improvement over the more common weekly backups. Additionally included are security tools for cleaning up malware.

Although AccuWeb Hosting offers a remarkable 99.99% uptime guarantee, its cloud hosting services provide 100% hardware uptime. It does not follow that your site is always accessible just because the hardware is operational all the time. Even if a server is operational but the network is down, your site won’t be accessible even if the hardware is good.

Customer assistance
24/7 customer assistance is available via chat and ticketing, but phone support isn’t very robust. Despite having data centers all over the world, phone service is currently available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and is located in the US and Canada.

Additions to
When compared to other services, AccuWeb Hosting allows limitless domains whatever of the plan you choose, while most other services cap the number of domains an account may have and typically only allow one domain with entry-level shared plans. Other services also place a cap on the number of email addresses that basic shared plans can host, usually between one and ten, but basic shared plans with AccuWeb Hosting offer 150 business email addresses, allowing you to send emails from your company account rather than your personal account and giving your message more authority.

While some AccuWeb Hosting plans, like shared plans, are slightly more expensive than other providers, mid-level plans, like VPS plans, are less expensive. If you select a shared plan with the intention of upgrading to a VPS plan, the cost averages out.

Starting at $4 per month is shared hosting.
VPS options are priced at $8 per month.
Cloud VPS hosting is available for $15 per month.
The monthly minimum for dedicated hosting is $80.
WordPress hosting is available for $4 per month.
The monthly minimum for reseller hosting is $12.

Other web hosting options to take into account

These services don’t provide any of the three hosting options, don’t have enough security measures in place, don’t guarantee uptime, and only offer a few customer service options. Although the following services aren’t as complete as our top choices, they are still acceptable options.

extensive money-back promise
The longest time period for a web hosting service on this list is Dreamhost’s 97-day money-back guarantee. If you’re new to web hosting, you may have enough time during this window to decide whether or not to continue using Dreamhost. Along with shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting packages, DreamHost also provides DreamPress, an enhanced WordPress package. Plans from Dreamhost include security features like SSL certificates and malware removers, and the company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Support is offered via chat, email, and callback at all times. One callback request will cost an additional $10, though. For an additional $15 per month, you can also purchase three callback requests. For help with technical problems, Dreamhost provides a detailed online user manual. The cheapest plan comes with one month of hosting. Following that, the cost renews at the standard rate, which is roughly quadruple the beginning cost.

Plans from Dreamhost start at $2.59 per month.

Affordable plans

NameCheap has some of the most affordable pricing options. Particularly when compared to other services’ monthly plans, month-to-month plans are less expensive. A monthly shared hosting plan from NameCheap can cost as little as $5, while some other services may charge $20 for such plans. Additionally, NameCheap provides reseller, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans. For reseller and VPS plans, NameCheap offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee; for the majority of shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, the uptime guarantee is 100%. A free virus scanner, two-factor authentication, and DDoS protection are included with each Namecheap plan to help protect your data and the data of your visitors. For a year, SSL certificates are free. After that time, NameCheap will sell SSL certificates. Prices with a five-year contract start at $6 annually. Without phone support, NameCheap provides email and chat support around-the-clock. Some plans’ pricing can be difficult to understand. For instance, the cheapest dedicated hosting plan has a one-month commitment for $41.88 before going back to the regular price of $53.88. This program’s total cost over a year is $634.56. The same plan with a one-year contract costs $566.88, which is a difference of about $68 and appears to be a better deal.

Plans with NameCheap start at $1.58 per month.

A competitive price point is provided by Hostinger. Cloud hosting plans start at $10 per month, VPS plans start at $3.49, and shared and WordPress plans cost $2 per month. Additionally, YouTube has video tutorials that can teach you how to do things like create a WordPress website or modify your domain name. All servers have an advanced security module to protect your data, and plans include SSL certificates. Higher-tier plans provide daily backups, while some lower-tier plans only offer weekly backups. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is also offered by Hostinger. However, there is little customer support. Email and live chat are available round-the-clock, but Hostinger doesn’t provide phone support.

Plans with Hostinger start at $2 per month.
Alot of security features

If you’re unfamiliar with web hosting, SiteGround is a good choice. It provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, around-the-clock customer service, and plans with security features like SSL certificates, spam protection, and a web access firewall to help safeguard your website. The business also matches 100% renewable energy. While Siteground’s shared, cloud, WordPress, and reseller hosting options are useful to have, as your site expands and receives more traffic, you might want to think about a provider that also offers VPS or dedicated hosting.

Starter SiteGround plans cost $3 per month.


Plans with a free e-commerce plugin for WordPress

With GoDaddy Web Hosting’s plans, you have unlimited storage and bandwidth, allowing you to add as many photos and videos as you want to your website. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock customer support, GoDaddy provides shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans. Though inconsistent, its security offerings. For instance, some higher-tiered shared plans include SSL certificates, but lower-tiered plans do not. If this is your first website, you may want to start with one of the more affordable plans, but the lack of security features may tempt you to choose a more expensive option.

Plans for GoDaddy Web Hosting begin at $6 per month.

available in more than 50 nations

Because HostPapa has data centers around the world, you can pick the one where your visitors will be reached the fastest. Shared, VPS, managed WordPress, reseller hosting, and PapaCare Plus, which functions similarly to managed shared hosting, are among the available hosting options. Each plan at HostPapa comes with free SSL certificates, DDoS defense, and other security features, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and round-the-clock phone, chat, and email support. However, because dedicated hosting is not an option, you will need to switch to another service if your website becomes too big. Additionally, if you select HostPapa, pay attention to what you are purchasing when you are checking out. Some features, like automated backups and a security tool, were automatically added for an extra fee as I completed the checkout process. These extra features are noted and denoted as being present in higher-tier plans only when comparing different plans.

The cheapest HostPapa plan costs $2.95 per month.

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